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CUSTOM ARTWORK Multi Listing - 3D Butterfly wall art White porcelain handmade ceramic gold finish brass wire butterflies Original art

CUSTOM ARTWORK Multi Listing - 3D Butterfly wall art White porcelain handmade ceramic gold finish brass wire butterflies Original art

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Colour and Quantity

Create the perfect group of my handmade ceramic butterfly sculpture art for your walls. Here's how to do it:

PORCELAIN PART - Choose from perfectly smooth surface or delicate lace texture, in natural hand crafted white porcelain or with a metallic gold coating, or a mixture of both, and order as many as you would like, all from the drop down menu. Get in touch for custom colours if you would like something different as we can supply a huge range.

WIRE PART - They're finished with pretty stitches of wire - Please state your preference of gold coloured or copper wire in the "message to seller" box during checkout. We can also supply sterling silver at a small surcharge and other colours by request - get in touch if you would prefer that. If you don't specify, we'll supply our most popular gold coloured, low-tarnish brass wire as standard.

MEASUREMENTS - Each butterfly measures approx 2.5 inches (6cm)
As an example, in the first image, around 60 butterflies take up approx 1 metre (39 inches) square space, although they could be stretched out to take up more space or displayed in a more dense formation.
In the second image with the ring shaped circular arrangement, 40 butterflies formed a circle with a diameter of around 90 cm ( 3 feet)
If you are unsure as to how many you need - get in touch!

INSTALLATION AND CARE - They're easy to install on your wall and the wings will cast shadows that change as the light changes throughout the day. You'll need a single flat headed nail or screw (whichever suits your wall type) for each butterfly. Please clean gold butterfly finishes with care, as you might clean a painting. White ceramic butterflies can be cleaned with mild soapy water.

SHIPPING TIME - This can vary depending on the quantities and finishes you order, but usually it's within 1-2 weeks. Please get in touch for accurate delivery times or to let us know your deadline. If we can supply them quickly for you, of course we will.

Different sized groups are available on request - please contact me for details if your perfect number isn't listed!

If you'd like to, you can see more of my porcelain butterfly wall art here:

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Because of the handmade processes and variety of antique embroidery used when making these, no two can be identical. Yours may vary a little from the exact ones pictured, but they will be very similar and equally pretty, I promise!

Over time, some metals may tarnish. I like the way that this looks, but in case you don't, you can use a microfiber cleaning cloth to easily clean it.

This work is my original work, created and designed by me, and as such it is protected internationally by copyright. Please do not support plagiarists, and know that if you do decide to breach my copyright I will take action.
© Elizabeth Prince

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