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Extra large wall art sculpture set 25 Ceramic flowers White & gold porcelain Modern original artwork Contemporary minimalist MADE TO ORDER

Extra large wall art sculpture set 25 Ceramic flowers White & gold porcelain Modern original artwork Contemporary minimalist MADE TO ORDER

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This set of 25 wall art flowers is handmade from porcelain and each flower measures approx 10 cm, (4 inches) so arranged as pictured the set would take up approximately 60 cm square (2 feet), but could be stretched a little larger depending on the spacing between each flower. If this isn't big enough for your space, get in touch to commission a larger set! Each flower is truly hand made, gently formed with minimal tools from a single ball of pure porcelain clay, so each one will be subtly different because of this.

The set is titled 25 Graces, and it is available in white and gold as pictured or all white. If there's another colour you would prefer, please contact me to discuss - I have a wide range of colours available and I love special orders.

The flower sculptures stand out from the wall and will look minimal against light or neutral backgrounds or dramatic against rich, dark backgrounds. Their shadows move as the light changes throughout the day and I like how that gives them a life of their own.

It's really easy and fun to arrange the set. If you are unsure of how to position them, then I recommend cutting circles of paper or using post it notes to the same sizes as the flowers and temporarily stick them to the wall to arrange them before installing the work permanently. This lets you play around with the arrangement, and take a step back to make sure you get them in positions you are happy with. Have a look at other sets in my shop to see more organic arrangements.

Each will hang over a suitable flat headed nail or screw in your wall that is fitted in a slight downwards angle. In high traffic or vibration areas I recommend the use of a suitable product such as hot glue, Blu Tac, tile adhesive, mastik or silicone for extra security, but of course this will vary according to your space, environment, requirements and wall surface.
Please contact me for hanging instructions/installation diagram after purchase or if there is anything you are unsure of regarding installation.

This listing is for a set of 25 as the main image. If you would like another arrangement like the alternative pictures, get in touch if you would like to commission a special set, or

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Please note, every flower is unique and so yours might vary very slightly from those pictured, but they will be very similar and equally pretty - I promise!

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