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Elizabeth Prince Ceramics

Set of 10 porcelain ceramic birds wall art sculpture

Set of 10 porcelain ceramic birds wall art sculpture

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These ten handmade ceramic porcelain birds will add classic yet playful style to your interiors in this beautiful gold metallic finish. Each swallow measures approx 6 inches from the tip of each wing.

The birds are easy to arrange in any way that suits your space, so they’re great for tricky spaces and hallways. They will cast shadows on the wall that change as the light changes throughout the day.
They have the subtle texture of feathers imprinted into the surface, so no two are exactly identical and each set is unique. I make each one by hand in my UK studio so you can be assured of the highest quality.

They are super easy to hang from flat headed nails or screws in your wall.
This set is for ten swallows, in rich metallic gold. If you'd like a different number or colour of swallows, or for them to face the opposite way, please get in touch and we can create a special order for you!

Please note, your set might vary very slightly from those pictured, because each one is unique and handmade, so the exact position of the feather imprints might vary a touch. They will be equally as pretty though, I promise!
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